Dream Catchers (The Ikorodu Talented Kids)

Mission Statement

Keeping street and despondent kids in school through dance and acting.

Vision Statement

Shaping a desirable future by building despondent and street kids into world leaders

About Us

Dream Catchers (Ikorodu Talented Kids) is a dance team for despondent/street children. The majority of children from this team are from the street and bad homes. This dance team takes kids who are susceptible to risk and provide them shelter, food, clothing and education. The kids are empowered through dance and acting; this gives their dreams validity and helps them know that irrespective of what they have been told by others, they stand a chance at succeeding. We are making a change through innovative education.

Dream Catchers hopes to help and encourage children to stay in school while pursuing their dreams and passion.  All members of the team are enrolled in school and are doing well. Our technique is to first introduce these kids to dance and then use their passion for the arts to enroll and keep them in school. The number one criteria for staying on the team is however, staying in school.

The children on this team work towards becoming great individuals in the society. Our vision is for every child to have access to good education and to further their education as far as a Bachelors and Masters degree. And we hope that the kids can attain this height of success via income from their profession; dancing and acting.



  • Dream Catchers BELIEVES in the validity of the dreams of the child; every child deserves an opportunity to succeed.
  • We achieve this belief by getting children off the street and enrolling them in school and empowering them with dance and acting.
  • Creating opportunities for the children to grow from grass to grace through dance and acting.


  • Dream Catchers CHANGES the life of despondent/street children by bringing hope thereby changing the path of their future and that of the world.  
  • We locate rural communities where little or no value is placed on education and the children don’t have adequate care and provide them with food, shelter, medical supply and education.
  • We aim to reduce the number of under aged children having to work on the street by training them to be professional dancers and actors.
  • We take children off the street and put them in a loving environment where they can grow and progress.
  • Dream Catchers has CONFIDENCE in the talents of children.
  • We recognize potentials in the children and nurture it to life.  
  • We help children become aware of their talents/potentials and coach on how to utilize it.  
  • We developing children with a possibility mentality and a stronger will to survive.
  • We Encourage children to show their abilities. Helping them understand that they are good at something and can contribute to the world.
  • We help the children understand that their background on the street is only a stepping-stone to greatness.


Dream Catchers (The Ikorodu Talented Kids) are empowered and everyday surpass their own expectation. They are open to growth, to bring light to the world and inspire every child out there irrespective of their background. We believe in hard work and education. We will always pass this message to the world. We want every child to stay in school and work hard and it’s our hope that the world hears and practices our message.