The Dream Nurture Foundation is a global relief, developmental organization committed to bringing life and hope to children in communities covered by poverty and despondency.

We offer children educational opportunities while bringing out the best in them and engaging them in diverse range of human activities like sports, drama, and dance among others.

The Dream Nurture Foundation work with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Every day, we invest in children, lighting up their world and creating an opportunity for them to succeed. We provide a healthy start and continuous growth for children with constant opportunity to learn.

The Dream Nurture Foundation BELIEVES in the validity of the dreams of the child; every child deserves an opportunity to succeed

The Dream Nurture Foundation CHANGES the life of despondent children by bringing hope thereby changing the path of their future and that of the world.

Our faith in Christ teaches us that every child is a gift to the world at large irrespective of gender, faith or race. It is our goal to give every child an opportunity to excel.

The heart of children is crying out to us “nurture my future”. One child. One hope. One dream. Join us today.


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